Thursday, February 12, 2009

Uh oh... caught?

Good morning my sweet smelling adult babies and cum whore sissy boys! Do any of you know who took Mommy’s pink rubber bikini panties?

No worries, I’ll hunt down the little panty freak that stole them and embarrass him publicly in the Blue Boy Blog. Consider yourself warned!

Speaking of embarrassing situations, I had a call yesterday from “Lyle” a diaper fan and friend of Mommy’s from way back. No Lyle just loves the sound of a nice fresh crinkly disposable. And as we all know, the crinkly ones are getting harder to just go to the store and buy off the shelf.

Lyle called me from the safety of his car after his mother-in-law caught him in the adult diaper section squeezing the packages of Depends and Poise disposable undergarments for men! He didn’t know what to do (run away?) or what to say! Unfortunately, his huge erection (from the crinkly plastic wrappers) had him glued to the spot right there in his local Target.

Lyle’s mother-in-law confronted him in front of 2 other customers when she marched over to him and boldly demanded to know why he was holding the package all the way down there?

Lyle had no choice to squint at the package of Depends for men and tell her he’d forgotten his glasses. She wasn’t buying it for a second. Happy Friday the 13th!

Mommy says order your plastic pants online and have them sent to a PO Box close to your job. Be sure to erase your online history and browsers my babies! Good Luck Lyle!

Mommy Sabrina

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