Monday, February 23, 2009

Mistress Ziviana

Greetings my panty-huffing sissy boys and sublime submissives!

You would not believe the freaky shit going on behind the scenes on Mistress Ziviana's BDSM phone lines!

I was on a health kick yesterday--literally! Yes, I was kicking my tree hugging veg-head sub in the health nuts during a session on the rack down here in the dungeon. Yes, I made him do push-ups, which is hard to do with your feet tied...anyway, every time he whimpered, grunted or whined I nailed him in the health nuts with the silver points on my Toni Lama boots.

Naturally, I was bored when the call came through from Gustav (whose real name is far less interesting). I didn't know who it was at first because he was breathing hard and whispering into his crappy cell phone. He was stuck with his dick in a glory hole and couldn't get the guy on the other side of the stall in the bathroom let go.

I laughed because he needed me to turn him off. So I thought about it for a second and passed the phone to my veg-head. Keep in mind Gustav is as hetero as they come. I ordered Veg Boy to list off the menu at his Vegetarian Delight deli. Just like magic Gustav deflated faster than a cheese puff and was free!

Mistress Ziviana

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